Schedule Overview

Download a brief overview of the schedule below, but don't forget to review the rest of this page for important details!




3:30-4 pm | Main Lobby

Provide a detailed breakdown of each activity. Remember—for many participants, this is the first time that they're experiencing anything like Miss Amazing. For that reason, communicate every detail in a clear and organized way. 



4:00-5:30 pm | Auditorium

At this time, all participants will have the opportunity to run through their talents with all music and any props.  Participants may run through their talent as many times as they please, if time allows. Participants are free to leave to prepare for the show after they run through their talent. Please return by line up


Line up

6:00-6:20 pm | Backstage Auditorium

Please return by 6pm for show line up. Please arrive with all makeup, hair, and clothing ready.  Final show will began at 6:30pm




11:00-11:30 pm | Main Lobby

Check in will take place during this time. Bring canned food, any missing documents, cltohing/makeup, etc. You will receive your tshirt that you will be wearing for the day.  



12:00-12:45 pm | Auditorium

Orientation will be given to all volunteers, participants and families. You will be introduced to our staff and given information for the day. Parents are free to leave after this. 



1:00-2:30 pm | Theater/classroom

Age divisions will rotate between their private interviews, stage rehearsal, and activities by division. Participants will be in their tshirt for each part of this.


PErsonal preparaton

2:30-4:20 pm | Dressing room/cafeteria

Girls will rotate between dinner and hair/makeup by division. Hair, makeup and dinner will be provided for free for all volunteers and participants


Final Rehearsal/Line up

4:30-5:20 pm | Auditorium

We will do our final rehearsal and line up for the final show. Participants will be in Tshirt and jeans at this time. Final show will begin at 530pm